Telltale teases The Walking Dead's final season with a nostalgic Clementine callback

Telltale said last year that the final season of its Walking Dead adventure series would be out in 2018, and so it will be: The studio tweeted the first tease of the last season earlier today with an image that very deliberately hearkens back to the game's first season. 

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It's a haunting callback, with a grown-up Clementine filling the shoes of man-with-an-axe Lee Everett, who bravely fought to keep her alive through the first season. Season four will also see the return of Gary Whitta, the former PC Gamer EIC who for some reason left all this fame and fortune behind to go do something else. He wrote the fourth episode of season one, and will serve as a story consultant for the final season. 

Telltale said that the first proper look at the final season will be reveal at 12:30 pm ET on April 6 at its PAX East panel, which will also be viewable on Twitch

Andy Chalk

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