Call of Duty: Ghosts redefines teaser with 6 seconds of wireframe footage

There's been a break-in at Infinity Ward! Some ne'er-do-well has pilfered all their trailer recording equipment. Presumably it's the same thief who made off with all Bethesda's promotional tools last month . Just like Bethesda, the Call of Duty: Ghosts maker has been forced to use iOS app Vine to provide us with Important Information about their game.

And what is that Important Information? Here's what they pack into their scant few seconds of phone-filmed footage:

  • Wireframe disembodied head!

  • Wireframe hug!

  • COLOUR EXPLOSION! (Wireframe)

  • Wireframe sniper!

  • Wireframe walking man!

  • The promise of more information at tomorrow's Xbox reveal. (Not wireframe)

Two possibilities arise:

  1. This is a heavily stylised way for Infinity Ward to promote tomorrow's annoucement.

  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be brown Tron.

Who will be hit next by the Trailer Thief? Who else will be forced into using Vine to tease meaningless snippets of their game purely to reveal a single piece of information that could easily fit into a sentence? Can this menace ever be stopped?

Thanks, Polygon .

Phil Savage

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