Tell us your scariest PC building horror stories

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With Halloween just around the corner, it is officially the season of chills and thrills. And what's more chilling than a new build refusing to POST, or the sound of a power supply popping a circuit? What could possibly be scarier than seeing that one single pin on your brand new CPU bent the wrong way?

To celebrate Halloween, the PC Gamer forum community looking for your most horrifying PC build stories. We want to hear all the gritty, horrible, embarrassing details of how you've (almost) ruined your PC—whether you got a little too generous with the thermal paste or once shoved your RAM in backwards. No story is too horrifying (or too shameful). After all, the best way to conquer your fears is to laugh at them, right?

To participate, head over to the forums and leave a reply to this thread with your most gruesome PC building horror story.

Extra points if you have pictures. You can also tell your story here in the comments below. In a few weeks, we'll collect our favorites into a new article and share them with everyone.

That's not the only way you can join in on some spooky fun, though. We're also hosting two separate competitions on the forums that each award a nifty PC Gamer coffee mug or tote bag. The first is to see who can build the best Halloween-themed creation in any building game, like Minecraft or Fortnite, while the second contest is a bake-off where you have to show us your best Halloween recipes

For more details, check out the associate forum threads for each contest. But don't forget to share your PC building horror stories with us here. We'll be watching (and praying that your PCs are safe).

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