Every Tekken 8 character confirmed so far

Jin Kazama in Tekken 8.
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Get ready for the next battle! Tekken 8 characters have been trickling in over the past couple of months, even without a release date for Bandai Namco's next big fighter. Every character announcement has been accompanied by a special gameplay trailer too, giving us a great look at their new appearance, movesets and rage arts. 

So far, the Tekken 8 roster is composed of returning characters. Some are updated versions, like the latest iteration of Jack. Others, like Jun Kazama, are excitingly making their first appearance in over a decade. There'll no doubt be fresh faces joining the Tekken 8 roster at some point, but for now here are some fighters we all know and love making a comeback to the King of Iron Fist tournament... if they actually manage to have one in this game.

Tekken 8 character roster 

Tekken 8's roster is now up to 14 fighters. All of them have their own individual gameplay trailers, which I've linked to each respective character below.

Tekken 8 rumoured characters 

Bandai Namco has done a damn good job of keeping tight-lipped about Tekken 8's character list. Despite hands-on previews, nary a peep of upcoming fighters has been leaked to the greater masses. 

We can probably take some educated guesses for future Tekken 8 fighters, though. The new Times Square stage has little hat-tips to characters like Bob dotted in the background. Personally, I'll be here hoping for Lucky Chloe to make her return.

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