Tekken 7 drops opening cinematic with epic Kazuya-Heihachi face-off

Tekken 7's western instalment—the first ever to reach PC—is almost here, due next Thursday, June 2. When it does it won't come with its iconic boxing kangaroo Roger Jr., but it will host a number of recurring stars. Publisher Bandai Namco has now revealed the game's opening cinematic which elevates that last part to fever pitch. 

Aptly named 'The Mishima Feud', the trailer below culminates in a fiery face-off to the death between father and son fighters/long-time adversaries Heihachi and Kazuya. Even if you're not familiar with Tekken's lore—some of which involves angels and devils and miraculously pointy and steadfast hairdos—the following showdown is a doozy.

Of course some of the familiar gang show face there too, not least Street Fighter's Akuma who's been given the Tekken treatment post-2012's Street Fighter X Tekken. Interestingly, the Great Demon appears to boast an SF-leaning moveset, which could boost his popularity in the game's inevitable forthcoming presence in the esports scene. 

Speaking to that very point, Shaun caught up with series director Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray last month in an interview that's definitely worth your time. Shaun also had a little time with Tekken 7's story mode which he described thusly: "Let's just say it's as hilariously overblown and intense as a Tekken game should be."

Tekken 7 is due June 2, 2017. For those of you wondering about the Glasgow Kiss mention in the strap above—it's not a term of endearment