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Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update pits players against Demoman's giant evil eyeball

Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update

The Team Fortress 2 halloween update is here! Do you like eyeballs? Of course not. Kill a giant, evil one now as part of the Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update. The map, Viaduct, is now haunted by the Demoman's lost peeker, and is now called Eyeaduct! If that's too much terror for one sentence, here are a few reassuring comments from the Team Fortress 2 blog to calm your nerves.

"There will be no ENORMOUS HAUNTED EYEBALL to terrorize you around an island filled with tons of SECRET LOOT , and a GIANT SKULL! "

"There will be approximately zero percent chance of you getting your trembling hands on a spooky costume FOR EVERY CLASS! "

Phew! Read on for a list of terrifying features that definitely haven't been added as part of the Team Fortress 2 Halloween update. There's a comic , too, explaining the origins of the entirely non-existent giant evil eyeball.

Halloween 2011 Event

  • Viaduct has been haunted and is now... Eyeaduct!

  • One full multi-piece costume set has been added for each class

  • Random gifts containing costume pieces drop in Eyeaduct on registered servers

  • 2 new Halloween 2011 achievements

  • Any unusual hats uncrated during the event will be Halloween-themed

  • New Halloween-themed items are available in the Mann Co. store, but only for a limited time!

  • Updated effects for The Cow Mangler 5000

  • Updated in-game abuse reporting tool to include option for reporting abusive game servers

  • Added mapcycle_halloween containing all Halloween event maps

  • Fixed team colors and styles not updating properly in store previews

  • Fixed bug in reputation trend status display for registered servers

  • Fixed a problem that could cause repeated stutters after joining a server

  • Fixed the Spine-Chilling Skull not appearing when equipped by soldiers

  • New Halloween-themed community-created items submitted to the Workshop are now available in the Mann Co. store!

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