Team Fortress 2 gets replay editing. Win a Saxxy award by sharing highlights. Also: new hat

Team Fortress 2 Replay

Valve have introduced The Replay Update to Team Fortress 2. You can edit your videos, earn new achievements and, (if you get internet-famous enough) win a new hat. There's even an upcoming awards ceremony with 20 categories to compete in - The First Annual Saxxy Awards. We assume it's going to be a yearly thing.

Play on a replay-enabled server and every round of your matches will get recorded. Click Replays on the main menu to edit your creations into something that almost definitely gives an accurate portrayal of your skill level and k/d ratio. You're free to move the camera around the maps to view the action from any angle and even create alternate takes of the same moment. Inquisitive? Check out the FAQ here .

There are eight new achievements to earn, and a new Meet The Director comic to get you in the mood. Get 1000 YouTube views and you'll win a new hat. Spend some time editing a replay and you'll earn a set of related taunts.

Even more exciting is the announcement of the first ever Saxxy Awards . Submit videos in any of the following categories to be in with a chance of winning internet fame and a masculine trophy. We're not sure if it's a physical or virtual one yet - we'd guess both.

  • Most Inventive Kill

  • Best Mid-air Murder

  • Biggest Massacre

  • Funniest Replay

  • Best Getaway

  • Best Revenge

  • Most Pwnage

  • Most Heroic

  • Players Choice

  • Best Set Design

  • Best Team Costume

  • Best Original Soundtrack

  • Best 30 Second Trailer

  • Best Coordinated Combat

  • Most Dramatic

  • Best Cinematography

  • Best Editing

  • Most Epic Fail

  • Most Extreme Stunt

  • Best Overall Replay

As pointed out on the official TF2 blog: "You're only limited... by your imagination. Also by length, because if you think we're sitting through hundreds of hours-long submissions, guess again, Scorsese." Basically, they want you to keep your creations less than one minute and record them in at least 720p. You'll need to submit the final edit by May 19, so get on with it.

What are you most excited about? The tools, the awards, the achievements, or the hat?