Tangiers Kickstarter funded, first stretch goal reached

The rather peculiar stealth game known as Tangiers has finally cast away the shadows and is basking in the warm glow of being officially backed. Or maybe it ventured deeper into the shadows. That's what stealth games do, right?

Tangiers caught our attention a few months ago for its love of the unconventional. The malleable world contorts itself based on your play style, and the words you find in conversation somehow play a role in combat. Your main objective is slaying five other beings, and while it doesn't sound out of the ordinary, it seems like you'll take an unbeaten path to get there.

The Kickstarter for developer Andalusian's debut game is sitting pretty at £41,171 (about $64,000) pledged with a goal of £35,000 (about $54,000). It passed the £40,000 stretch goal, which promises to add developer commentary. The stretch goal's description points to Valve's method of “activated talking points” littered throughout a level, explaining the developer's thought and design process.

Another few thousand pounds would activate the £45,000 stretch goal, which adds a “hardcore” difficulty for the more tactical among us. The harder difficulty would restrict camera control while improving enemies' awareness.

Tangiers' release date still remains veiled in some monochromatic alleyway, but the game has August 2014 as its “estimated delivery” date. Still, that could just be a placeholder until the developer knows more. Tangiers also snagged a page on Steam Greenlight , which lists an August 2014 release date as well.