Tales From the Borderlands returns to stores next week

Tales From the Borderlands
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Tales From the Borderlands (opens in new tab), Telltale Games' adventurous take on the hit Gearbox shooter series, has been out of circulation for a long while now. It was delisted from GOG (opens in new tab), along with all other Telltale games, in mid-2019; prior to that, it was also removed from sale on Steam—the store listing is still there (opens in new tab), but you can't actually buy it.

That will soon change, however, as Gearbox announced through the official Borderlands Twitter account that it's coming back next week. 

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Telltale's games, including Tales From the Borderland, disappeared from most online storefronts following the studio's closure (opens in new tab) in late 2018. Skybound Games (opens in new tab) stepped in to bring back The Walking Dead games, but it wasn't until Telltale itself returned (opens in new tab) (in name, at least) that some of its other games, such as Batman (opens in new tab), Monkey Island (opens in new tab), and The Wolf Among Us (opens in new tab), started to resurface. Tales From the Borderlands is another big comeback: It's based on the shooter series but sufficiently distant from it to stand alone as its own distinct, and very good, thing.

"It’s a story adventure spin-off which balances Borderlands’ urge to be impressed with itself for using swears with some great new characters and a tinge of sincerity," we said in our 89% review (opens in new tab). "It’s not serious, but finds its levity through character-driven jokes more than screaming violence. There are are plenty of gruesome deaths, to be sure, but Telltale has created a stand-alone comedy adventure that succeeds because of great storytelling, not 'midget psychos' or freaking Claptrap."

Epic didn't specify which storefronts Tales of the Borderlands will be returning to, but since it's already listed on Steam I'd say it's a good bet you'll be able to find it there. I've asked 2K about Epic and GOG, and I'll let you know what they say.

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