Syndicate devs developing Storm, a co-op sci-fi FPS

Syndicate and Chronicles of Riddick developer Starbreeze Studios recently updated their website, posting details of an upcoming, and previously unanounced, sci-fi shooter, titled Storm. Details are extremely limited for now, with the game's page saying only, "Currently in development. Co-op Sci Fi FPS. It is our future." There's also a picture. It shows pipes, gantries and a complete lack of any other defining features.

Launch platforms, or even the vaguest of release dates, are still unknown. VG247 are speculating that Storm may have ties to the previously announced free-to-play game, Cold Mercury . That title went MIA, with doubts cast over its release when the CEO of Starbreeze told Edge that, "We're never going to do free-to-play, because then you have to cater to everyone out there – that's costly and it's hard."

Also listed on the site are Payday 2 , being developed by the now Starbreeze owned Overkill Software, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , a collaboration with director Josef Fares. That latter game is looking to be quite a departure for the shooter-obsessed studio.

In fact, I've just realised that back in March last year, Tom Senior promised to eat a mysteriously placed fork if the project - then codenamed P13 - wasn't a shooter. Let's hope he kept it around.

Thanks, Eurogamer and PlaySyndicate .

Phil Savage

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