Syberia 3 release date set, new trailer teases puzzles and snow ostriches

It's been almost five years since Microids' upcoming adventure game Syberia was revealed, and close to 13 years since its last series entry. Some neat footage appeared at E3 last year alongside a December launch date, however this was later pushed back into the new year. Now Kate Walker's third outing has a concrete launch date—April 20 (Europe) and April 25 (North America), 2017—and a new trailer. 

Let's check out those moving pictures first: 

As can be sort-of gleaned from that, protagonist Walker begins her latest venture washed ashore and rescued by the Youkol tribe—billed as a "nomadic people caring for their snow ostriches during migration". As prisoners in the city of Valsembor, both Kate and the Youkol are thereafter tasked with overcoming their enemies and, in-line with the series' point-and-click lineage, solve oodles of puzzles and "unexpected" challenges. 

"After years of expectations, we are glad to offer to our fans a first overview of the universe imagined by Benoit Sokal and set to music by Inon Zur," says Microids' vice president Elliot Grassiano. "This first trailer will transport them in Kate Walker’s new adventure, they will learn more about her fellow companions and the obstacles they are going to face."

Microids asks viewers to "discover the first trailer of Syberia 3" in the description of the cinematic above, however here's another look at eight minutes of early in-game footage captured at E3 2016 for a better sense of what this 'uns all about: 

Syberia 3 is due April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America.