Surviving Mars is free on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

I wish that Epic Games would do its weekly store giveaways on Friday instead of Thursday, because "Free Game Friday" has a really nice flow to it. Instead, we're stuck with, I don't know, "Throw-It-At-You Thursday" or something. It's awkward and clunky, and a little part of me resents missing out on such an easy win. "Get your free game on Free Game Friday!"

The consolation is that, because this is Thursday, we get a free game today. This week's Epic Games Store giveaway is Surviving Mars, a city building sim set on—you guessed it—Mars. It's "fiddly and stressful," we said in our 80/100 review, but "nothing else marries survival and city building so deftly." A sequel, Surviving the Aftermath, is on the way next year.

It's just one free game this week, but next week we'll get two: The Rutger Hauer-starring cyberpunk thriller Observer, and because it's rated M and thus not available to anyone under 17 who hasn't figured out how to switch off the Epic launcher's parental controls, the T-rated Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Surviving Mars is free until October 17.

Andy Chalk

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