Surviving Mars is getting a post-apocalyptic sequel

Surviving Mars, Paradox and Haemimont Games' martian colony builder, has spawned a series, and its first follow-up will be appearing next year. We've only got a name so far, Surviving the Aftermath, along with the brief teaser above, but a post-apocalyptic management game seems like a pretty safe bet. 

In Surviving Mars, diligent colony administrators have to construct domes for colonists, manage their moods, build sprawling networks of cables and pipes across the hostile planet and, eventually, terraform it. It's tricky and probably one of the most effective survival-management affairs, though it doesn't generate quite as many interesting stories as Rimworld. 

Paradox hasn't revealed much yet, but the post-apocalyptic setting seems like it would conjure up a lot of the same problems with colonising Mars—limited habitable space, a hostile environment, lack of resources. Of course, this all depends on what kind of apocalypse we're talking about. It's a meteor shower in the teaser, but maybe it will have a variety of apocalyptic scenarios. 

"With the staggering growth of Surviving Mars this year we knew we had something special and we wanted to find new ways to utilise survival management gameplay," lead producer Nikhat Ali said. "Surviving the Aftermath gives us the opportunity to experiment with these mechanics in new and interesting ways that we think our players will love."

It's due out on Steam in 2020, but you'll be able to play it first this year when it launches in early access on the Epic Games Store. Paradox won't be revealing more details until its convention later this month. The proper announcement will take place on October 19 at 10 am CEST on Twitch

Fraser Brown
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