Survival RPG Outward has a DLC coming called The Soroboreans

(Image credit: Nine Dots Studio)

Cult hit survival RPG Outward is getting a new DLC this spring focusing on its reclusive merchant-academic-wizard faction, the Soroboreans. The DLC will add more character choices, enchantments, and what seems like some post-game adventures to Outward. The game’s survival aspects will also get more hardcore, since a new system of Corruption will affect you in certain areas: “The level of corruption affects you in different ways,” said a press release, “and if you can’t shake it you could meet an untimely end. The world just got a whole lot scarier.” Which is kind of bothersome because Outward was already scary enough, thank you.

The Soroboreans are the most prominent merchant network and academic institution in Outward’s world, so it’s fitting that this DLC also adds magical enchantments for weapons and trinkets. There’s also new skills based around the corruption mechanic, and probably more than a few new magical powers as well—since this DLC does focus on a bunch of magic people. The last big post-release update for Outward was last October. That’s all we know about the DLC for now.

Our Christopher Livingston quite liked Outward at release, giving it an 89. He further wrote about the game in December, saying that “The hardships of Outward add high stakes to even the smallest journeys.” I found the most compelling thing about the game to be co-op play, which really emphasizes a sense of teamwork and comradeship.

Outward is developed by Nine Dots Studio and published by Deep Silver. You can find it on Steam and on GOG, as well as its official site. 

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