Supraball: first person shooter mayhem on a soccer field

Action-oriented sports games and PCs, for some reason, never seem to get along very well. There are a few out there, sure, but the big names just refuse to stray away from the console space. No matter: we are PC gamers, and we'll invent our own sports games. Enter: Supraball , a first-person reimagining of soccer in the Unreal engine.

Back in 2003, an Unreal Tournament mod called Deathball made the rounds to much acclaim. But since then, there haven't been many other attempts to put players into a first-person sports game. eSports , as fun as it is, is more focused on the competitive nature of more traditional first-person shooters. Supraball is something entirely different, with its cartoony graphics and lack of gore.

The game is free to download, host, and play until it's ready to come out of beta for a full release. If a meaningful league system and community develops to support this game and others like it, it's easy to imagine that Supraball represents one possible future of eSports competition. Head to Supraball's site to download the current build. For the full rules, read through Supraball's illustrated How to Play guide, found here .