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Supernatural, stealthy shooter Deadbolt gets first trailer


Hopoo Games, creator of Risk of Rain, is making a new game called Deadbolt, as you'll be aware if you've played the alpha build that released early last year. Deadbolt is a game about the/a grim reaper, who's swapped that rusty old scythe for a load of guns (don't worry, you can still use the scythe; it's one of "over 30 weapons" in the game). Rather than appearing just after someone has expired and TALKING IN ALL-CAPS as he leads them to the afterlife, the reaper in Deadbolt is considerably sneakier and more violent, probably because he'll die after a single hit.

It's a stealthy, ultra-violent, side-on shooter, this, featuring zombies, vampires and a "dynamic gore system." Here's the first trailer, showing some of that off:

Deadbolt will be out sometime during the first three months of this year, and it has a Steam page with a bit more information. There's going to be a level editor, for instance, while the talented Chris Christodoulou is doing the soundtrack.