SUPERHOT is back, is on Kickstarter, is looking SUPER HOT

SUPERHOT! SUPER? HOT! If you didn't play the original Unity prototype —a product of the 7 Day FPS gamejam—then go do that , because it will go a long way to explaining my excitement at its expanded, more stylish return. The original was an effortlessly cool first-person shooter where time moved forward only when you did. It let you stop, assess you surroundings and plan your next move, but still suggested a pace that made you feel like a balletic bad-ass of bullets.

The expanded version? It hopes to be more of the same, only better looking and with more options, weapons and abilities. First though, the creators need to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter . A new trailer explains why you may want to help them.

From the Kickstarter page :

"You're not hiding behind cover - you're dodging bullets flying past you like in The Matrix. You're not waiting to reload a gun - you're picking the next firearm from the hands of your fallen foes. You're not waiting until your wounds heal - in SUPERHOT a single bullet means death."

The last eight months of prototyping have given the developers a bunch of new experimental scenarios, but they want to use the extra cash for new mechanics, more levels and better animation. "The initial goal of $100k will allow us to cover the costs of living for the team, purchase required hardware, software licences and assets that will allow us to finish the game faster, and to hire additional help - graphic artists, animators, level designers and sound technicians - that will assist us in making SUPERHOT a complete game."

In a move I'm coming to increasingly appreciate, it sounds like stretch goals aren't planned . [ Update: nope, there's stretch goals .] "All funds over $100k will go directly into making the game better and covering the costs of promoting the game on various gaming events around the world."

Find the Kickstarter pitch below, incorporating that trailer, and a little extra explanation from the devs:

Also: gifs.





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