Less than 24 hours after launch, the SUPERHOT Kickstarter is funded

Some super hot news for fans of time-bending first-person action. It's been less than a day since SUPERHOT blasted into view with it's rapid-fire barrage of trailer, Kickstarter and stylish gifs . Already, it's hit the $100,000 target, and that means two things. Firstly, it's funded . Secondly, there are still 29 days for its developers to tempt the crowdfunding public out of more cash. You guessed it: stretch goals .

Initially, I'd assumed that the developers weren't planning additional goals, thanks to a passage on the Kickstarter that claimed, "all funds over $100k will go directly into making the game better and covering the costs of promoting the game on various gaming events around the world." As it turns out, there are specific aims, and achieving them will allow the team to make additional hires and add extra modes.

The most interesting (and obviously necessary) feature of the currently revealed batch is the Replay Mode. Through it, you'll be able to relive your SUPERHOT replay in real-time, cutting out the pauses and caution to create an unbroken run of frenetic action. It's what you see in your head as you're performing anyway, but having the finished result can only cement that feeling of cool, deadly prowess.

"We're still looking into whether it should be first- or third-person," write the SUPERHOT Team, "and if we could also allow the players to save/import/export replays, or share them with other people. When we reach that $200,000 goal we're going to make it as fun and easy to use as possible."

Phil Savage

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