Super Meat World and level editor are now live

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Super Meat Boy's levels make marvellous torture chambers. Crumbling walkways, crumbling walkways positioned over circular saw blades and laser beams are just a few of the perils that await your slippery chap. Imagine, then, being on the other side of the equation, designing challenges to drive other players mad. The brand new Super Meat Boy level editor is out on Steam now for free, and will let you do just that.

The level editor is free to download in the “Tools” section on Steam. The launch of the editing suite coincides with the launch of Super Meat World, a new world that will act as a hub for the best user made maps and new levels from guest contributor devs from other studios.

The level editor will let players create anything they've seen in the main game, apart from boss fights and warp zones. It's even possible to bundle a group of levels together into a full chapter with its own par times, custom titles and soundtrack. All new levels can then be submitted to Super Meat World to be rated by the community.

Team Meat announce that, apart from one more update next week that will fix a few level editor bugs, this will be the last addition to Super Meat Boy before they move on to their next game.

Team Meat add that “there will never, ever be a Super Meat Boy 2.”

For more information on the new level editor and Super Meat World, head over to the Super Meat Boy blog .

Tom Senior

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