Super CloudBuilt release date confirmed

In his 2014 review, Emanuel Maiberg largely praised CoilWorks and Rising Star Games' CloudBuilt—billing its "platforming-as-time-trial-racing" premise as one which "puts Sonic to shame." Where the cyber parkour platformer faltered, however, was in its at times confusing visual design, which, having played the game myself since, I can mostly agree with.

Nonetheless, Super CloudBuilt looks to improve on its younger forerunner by including all of the base game's DLC, as well as three core game modes—Story, Ranked and Rush—and "enhanced graphics, UI and optimized gameplay".

That's now got an official  PC launch date, July 25, 2017, and looks a little something like this:

 Further to the above, Super CloudBuilt offers players 177 challenges across six game style options—in Time Trial, No Ammo, Fragile, Supercharge, Beacon, and Pathfinder. 

Fancy any of that? Super CloudBuilt is due on July 25.