Super Animal Royale demo lets you play free for as long as you like

If you haven't played Super Animal Royale (and I suspect you probably haven't) you can now, for free, as much as you want. The woodland battle royale featuring cuddly (yet deadly) animals now has a demo, and you can play the demo for as long as you like, for free. You'll even unlock new items as you play—you just can't use those items unless you upgrade to the full version, which costs $13/£10.29.

I had a great time with Super Animal Royale when it released into Early Access on Steam in December. It celebrated its arrival with a free weekend, but the demo means that even if you missed that window of opportunity you can still give it a go before you buy. Playercount is currently less than massive, but the game populates empty slots with bots so you'll always have a full match. Obviously, it'd be better with 100% human-controlled animals, but it's still fun even if some of the combatants are AI.

I know there are lots of battle royale games competing for your attention, but I really enjoyed Super Animal Royale and it's definitely worth giving it a spot in your overstuffed Steam library. There are now over 60 animal breeds to unlock, more than 200 cosmetic items to earn, and you can play solo or in duos with a squad mode planned for the future. 

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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