Sunless Sea update makes its tiny text bigger, devs tease a new game

With the Sunless Sea expansion Zubmariner less than three weeks away, developer Failbetter Games has released an update to the game that adds much-needed font scaling, so you can crank up the size of the text if you're having trouble reading it. The studio also revealed that in the very near future—this coming Saturday, to be precise—it will announce a whole new game. 

“Sunless Sea was made in Unity 4, which had some limitations particularly around the way it handled text. As a pretty text-heavy game, we ended up with many players finding the game unplayable due to their screen resolution. Text was tiny or fuzzy. Not ideal!” Failbetter explained. “Happily, in Unity 5 we’ve been able to do a lot more with the user interface, and have fixed the fuzzy/tiny text problems (with the help of everyone who opted into the Unity 5 beta - thanks!). Please enjoy fiddling with the size of your text and the gazetteer to your heart’s content.” 

Ahead of Zubmariner's launch, Failbetter said it will talk about the expansion at EGX, which will be livestreamed on Twitch beginning at 11 am ET/8 am PT on September 24. “We’ll also be announcing our next game,” it added. “We’re slightly beside ourselves even thinking about that!” A launch trailer is coming, too. Sunless Sea: Zubmariner will go live on October 11.

Andy Chalk

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