Sunless Sea departing Early Access on 6th February

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Sunless Sea

Make sure you have plenty of suntan lotion, then chuck it away, for Sunless Sea is soon to leave Early Access (opens in new tab). The narrative-driven roguelikey game from the developers of Fallen London is to be declared as 'finished' on the 6th of February, seven months after its Early Access period started.

The launch will coincide with one final update, named Pearl, that will "complete the major storylines. Gameplay will be finessed, and we’ve added a couple of little flourishes that we think you’ll like". You'll also be able to buy the game from at that point, if you prefer your aquatic adventures DRM-free.

Given the state of games today, you'll be pleased to hear that "if you purchase Sunless Sea while it is still in Early Access, you’re guaranteed to receive all game expansions and story DLC for FREE". Which is as rare as it is generous and lovely.

Andy reviewed (opens in new tab) the Early Access version of Sunless Sea back in July last year, but it's come on a fair way since then, revamping combat (opens in new tab) and various other bits over the course of 2014.

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