Street Fighter 6 tournament accidentally broadcasts Chun Li nude mod to the world

Chun-Li sitting during a fight
(Image credit: Capcom)

"That's a very interesting, uh, Chun Li costume."

Such are the immortal words of a Street Fighter co-commentator upon seeing that Chun Li, in fact, is not wearing a costume. As a match between Chun Li and Kimberley began at a recent Corner2Corner Street Fighter 6 tournament, a weekly online throwdown featuring some of Europe's finest players, it was immediately obvious that Chun Li was naked.

Suffice to say that the RE Engine's physics simulation was being put through its paces, and the reaction of the commentators is about as professional as you could hope for. The mod was installed on the tournament host's machine being used for the match and broadcast, meaning none of the figures in the clip were responsible for this absurdity: they just had to handle the fallout. After some slightly stilted chatter and clear amusement, the feed is cut.

The moment can be seen in the below clip by Nicholas De Orio, though perhaps the most notable element about this is that it's been retweeted roughly 6,500 times, but bookmarked 10,000 times. Go to horny jail, Twitter.

One does wonder why people feel the need for such things, though the wider reaction is one of amusement: and great admiration for someone who has clearly mastered playing Street Fighter one-handed.

Someone openly wondered on r/livestreamfails about this. "How horny have you gotta be to add nude mods to a game?" The answer from Skuggoman: "yes." The top comment can't be beaten: "never borrow this guy's stick."

Organiser Corner2Corner has subsequently apologised for the incident, amusingly enough referring to it as a "mistake" in which "a graphical mod was accidentally left on for a few seconds." Corner2Corner says it "hugely regret[s] that this happened" and "the mod is now removed: nothing like this will ever happen again. We ask for understanding from the excellent community that we are all a part of." It also clarifies that it was the host's mod, and not one of the players.

"Ah… Street Fighter 6 is 18+," says the heroic co-commentator as Chun Li jiggles about before the stream is cut. "As you can see."

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