Street Fighter 5 is finally getting E. Honda

Someone at Capcom apparently got a bit too excited about the arrival of Street Fighter legend E. Honda that they released the trailer on Steam early. With the sumo wrestler out of the bag, there's no way he's getting back in, so Capcom has confirmed he's coming to Street Fighter 5 in August 4, along with Lucia and Poison. 

You'll be able to buy them individually on August 4, and on August 5 you'll be able to get them all in the Summer 2019 Character Bundle. The bundle will net you each character's battle costume and default colours 3-10. 

Street Fighter 5 has yet to get me in its iron grip, and perhaps it was the lack of E. Honda holding me back. I'll never tire of seeing him squatting and slapping so quickly he breaks physics. What a champ. For a long time he was my go-to fighter, and I've had many friends die trying to get past that slap. 

If you're like me and you've been on the fence about the latest entry, Street Fighter 5 is hosting another free trial this month. It starts today, in fact, and will let you play the launch roster and all Season 3 characters. That does mean, however, that E. Honda won't be among them. It's a travesty, certainly, but you will get access to 22 other characters. 

The free trial hasn't started yet, but keep an eye on Steam.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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