Stray mod replaces the cat's meow with 'Jason!'

If you've never played a Quantic Dream game, well done. For those of us that have ever been suckered-in by these overhyped confections, however, the games can be a stultifying and enveloping experience, one where you're locked into doing whatever David Cage wants you to do next and rarely have any room for interactive expression. Which is probably why Heavy Rain's 'Jason' scene inspires such fond memories,

It shouldn't, really, because this is a scene about the loss of a child. But the way it plays out is that you control the father of a missing boy, who's called Jason, and walk through a packed mall pressing 'X' to call out 'Jason'. The reason it's ultimately kinda comical is that you can just spam the button, and your character walks around like a muppet barking out 'Jason!' in various intonations.

Hey look: in the old days you had to make your own entertainment.

Cat-em-up Stray is currently making headlines for all the right reasons, and part of its functionality is that you can make the titular animal meow by pressing a button. So now there's a mod, which is of course called JASON, and take a wild guess at what it does (thanks, IGN).

Yes you too can now barrel around dystopia belting out 'Jason' in various hues, as seen above.

The mods creator gibrietas describes it thus: "Replaces the user inputted meowing with a pleading call to find your lost son, you terrible father."

One of the best summaries of a Quantic Dream game I've ever read.

Rich Stanton

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