Stories Untold dev reveals sci-fi thriller Observation, due in 2019

No Code, the studio behind 2017 sleeper hit Stories Untold, has announced its next game. Observation is a contemporary sci-fi thriller that lets players control a sentient space station AI. It's due next year, and its announcement trailer features above. 

As reported by IGN, Observation takes place on an Earth-orbiting facility where players control an AI system named S.A.M. Viewing a mysterious and seemingly distressing event "through the lens of artificial intelligence", you'll endeavour to help one Dr Emma Fisher by operating the facility's systems and tools in setting things straight. Expect collaborative puzzles as you piece together what the hell is going on. 

And try to work out where all of the ship's crew have disappeared to. And try to decipher the rogue signal's ominous "BRING HER" message. I won't lie: I'm shitting myself already, folks. 

Observation is without a hard launch date, but is due in Spring 2019. Its Steam page lives here

If you missed Stories Untold, you should absolutely give it a whirl before then. I'd also suggest checking out Andy's interview with studio head Jon McKellan (who also worked on Alien: Isolation). Sam's thoughts on why Stories Untold shows we need more anthology series in games are worth your time, too.