Stop whatever you're doing and look at this incredible Minecraft world built inside a block

(Image credit: Voenixx)

The Minecraft building community really needs to stop with all these incredible creations, there are only so many times I can pick my jaw off the floor. This underwater world entitled 'The Lost Kingdom,' created by Voenixx_, is like nothing I've ever seen. 

It's not just an amazing Minecraft build, but (as many have pointed out in the Reddit thread) it's an amazing piece of artwork full stop. To show off their builds in the best way possible, many Minecraft creators export the block data from the sandbox game and then touch it up with 3D visual effects tools like Blender. The result is like you see here with Voenixx's build.

The Lost Kingdom isn't available to download and play in Minecraft so we'll all just have to keep gazing at Voenixx's photo until our eyes hurt. Here's the full picture below—make sure to fullscreen (top right of the image) and zoom in so you can catch all the glorious details. 

(Image credit: Voenixx)

Voenix_ has created some other spectacular builds, including a pirate cove that sits inside a giant skull and a recreation of Drachenburg Castle. The Minecraft community is a talented bunch and if you're after more eye-popping builds, check out this texture pack that turns Minecraft blocks into Lego bricks and these gorgeous IRL Minecraft blocks.


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