Steam will allow you to report a product for malware, pornography, other reasons

It seems like Steam will soon allow you to report a product on its store page. According to a picture of a new feature posted by Steam Database , you'll be able to report products for legal violation (using your content without permission), pornography, malware, and other reasons.

This looks like yet another step Valve is taking in the process of turning Steam into a self-publishing platform. Gabe Newell hinted at this during Steam Dev Days when he announced that Steam Greenlight is going away, and confirmed it during his recent Reddit Ask Me Anything .

Steam reviews, the recently implemented Steam Tags , and giving developers more control in how to participate in Steam sales all allow developers and users to manage and “surface” content on Steam with minimal involvement from Valve.

This latest feature also falls into this category, allowing the community to quickly flag problematic content on Steam. It doesn't happen often, but as games like The War Z and Ashes Cricket 2013 prove, it happens.

In addition to the reasons listed above, the feature will also allow you to report products for “content that is patently offensive or intended to shock or disgust viewers,” hate speech, libelous or defamatory statements, and fraud.