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Why you shouldn't play The War Z

WarZ 2013-01-17 17-44-01-81

We're a day away from The War Z's one-month anniversary of being removed from Steam . Throughout this time, it's been buyable and playable through The War Z's website . For several weeks, developer Hammerpoint Interactive has considered it fit enough to be labeled as version 1.0.

I'm in the process of playing The War Z for our review, but for now, I wanted to take a moment to point out a couple reasons why The War Z isn't a game that's worth your time, and certainly one that doesn't deserve to know your credit card information.

In the video, I mention Hammerpoint Interactive's just-published plan for addressing server hopping as an issue. You can read notes for next week's patch on the War Z forums .

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Evan Lahti
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