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The best deals in the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

Ghostwire: Tokyo
(Image credit: Tango Gameworks)

Every year tens of thousands of new games pile onto Steam, and the annual Steam Summer Sale gets just a little bit harder to tame. Sure, the front page is a well-manicured, verdant pasture dotted with hit games. But what else is lurking out there in the jungle? What rare fruits await discovery deep in heart of Steam? And what 2022 games are—surprise!—already on sale, even though they've barely had time to take root?

We've gone foraging for the best Summer Sale deals, and below you'll find our picks for the best deals on games released this year, deals under $25, deals under $10, and a rare few coveted sub-$5 gems. Between all of them you should find something new to play, or something you've been waiting for at just the right price.

2022 games on sale

Ghostwire: Tokyo (opens in new tab) | $29.99 / £24.99 (50% off)
One of many games overshadowed by Elden Ring early this year, Tango Gameworks' action adventure game set on the spooky, demon-infested streets of Tokyo is a good grab at 50% off its launch price from March.

Monster Hunter Rise (opens in new tab) | $30.59 / £25.49 (49% off)
Capcom streamlined Rise's hunts down to pure action, making this the most approachable Monster Hunter ever. The Sunbreak expansion lands on June 29, so this lowest-ever price is especially timely. 

Dying Light 2 (opens in new tab) | $39.99 / £36.66 (33% off)
The story and characters won't stick with you, but the flying double-footed kicks will. Grappling hooks and gliders combined with parkour make the massive zombie-filled city a crunchy, skull-cracking delight to explore, especially with friends in co-op.

Outward Definitive Edition (opens in new tab) | $19.99 / £18.99 (50% off)
A gem of an RPG (first out in 2019) with excellent survival elements and one of the most interesting and challenging magic systems ever. The Definitive Edition rolls up all the DLC into one great package.

Citizen Sleeper (opens in new tab) | $15.99 / £12.39 (20% off)
You're essentially a sad, decaying Blade Runner replicant trying to make a life for yourself in this well-written RPG. It does a lot with a little, sucking you into a "just one more" routine as you roll dice to determine what you can do day by day.

God of War (opens in new tab) $39.99 / £31.99 (20% off)
Sony brought its best to PC and it's now $10 off. This port has all the bells and whistles I could ask for, like DLSS and widescreen monitor support, and runs on middle-of-the-line machines.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (opens in new tab) $16.74 / £13.39 (33% off)
This discount is the most straightforward thing about Ultra Deluxe, which recreates the confusingly hilarious meta adventure of Stanley while adding buckets of new features, narration, locations, and rabbit holes to get lost inside.

Tunic (opens in new tab) $26.99 / £22.49 (10% off)
Even at 10% off, Tunic asks for a bit more than the average indie Zelda-like, but it justifies its price with clever puzzles, incredible art, and a level of polish that outshines Nintendo's own Zelda remakes. Also on Game Pass, but this is one to keep.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (opens in new tab) $47.99 / £43.99 (20% off)
Tiny Tina's certainly works as a single player experience, but if you can get a friend to go in on it with you this co-op, tabletop fantasy-themed Borderlands spinoff really comes alive. It's a comfort food adventure best enjoyed with friends, and a nice, breezy fit for summer gaming.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker (opens in new tab) $26.24 / £22.49 (25% off)
You wouldn't know by looking at it, but Shipbreaker is one of the best blue collar sim games out there. But instead of driving trucks or farming crops, you're cutting up old spaceships with lasers. It recently released out of early access with a fully-voiced campaign.

Dorfromantik (opens in new tab) | $11.19 / £8.79 (20% off)
This light puzzle game is so soothing: you place tiles to build an aesthetic little world of forests and villages and railroads, unlocking new tiles the more you play. Gorgeous stress relief.

Teardown (opens in new tab) $15.99 / £14.79 (20% off)
A physics-based, voxel-powered playground melded with a genius puzzle game: "If I blow up this entire mansion, will I have space to drive this sportscar into the ocean?" Fresh out of early access with full campaign and enhanced modding tools.

Steam Summer Sale: $25 and under

Mafia: Definitive Edition (opens in new tab) | $16 / £13.99 (60% off)
You wanna be a wise guy, wise guy? Tommy guns, pinstripe suits, a meditation on the ultimate hollowness of the fantasy while still going all in on that fantasy: our favorite mafioso bits are present and accounted for.

Rust (opens in new tab) | $19.99 / £17.49 (50% off)
The brutal multiplayer survival game has been cheaper than this at times, but its popularity continues to grow alongside the frequent updates and feature additions, so you might be looking for a chance to finally dive in. This is it. I'd suggest bringing some friends because it's rough out there.

Bugsnax (opens in new tab) | $12.49 / £9.74 (50% off)
I mean, we didn't love it (opens in new tab) or anything. But it's got adorable characters and Bugsnax is a genuinely unusual adventure where you run around an island trying to catch weird bugs and feed them to weird people in exchange for some cartoony body horror. And it's half off! 

Hitman 3 (opens in new tab) | $23.99 / £19.99 (60% off)
The final chapter of one of the best stealth games ever made, and number 2 on our list of the Top 100 PC games (opens in new tab) you can play right now, is at its lowest price ever on Steam. The other two Hitmans are on also on sale, in case you need to complete the trilogy. 

The Outer Worlds (opens in new tab) | $17.99 / £14.99 (70% off)
Obsidian Entertainment's RPG romp through the quirky corporate rings of space is just an uncomplicated good time that pairs bright colors and dark humor. It's often gone on sale at 67% off over the last year, but 70% is officially its new best bargain rate.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (opens in new tab) | $24.99 / £21.49 (50% off)
A cRPG for cRPG diehards. The 25-class character creator alone is intimidating, as our review (opens in new tab) explains. Dig in, and you'll find an RPG with rare scale: strategic battles and kingdom management on top of a full adventure. 

Steam Summer Sale: $10 and under

Mafia 3: Definitive Edition (opens in new tab) | $9.89 / £8.24 (67% off)
The repetitiveness of its more "open worldy" mechanics could wear thin on us, but there's still something special about Mafia 3's unique setting and story, portraying an outsider entering the criminal underworld of a New Orleans town as it enters a terminal decline.

Death's Door (opens in new tab) | $9.99 / £8.39 (50% off)
This top-down Zelda-style adventure won us over with its mechanical elegance and a charming presentation that mixes cartoonish whimsy and a sense of melancholy.

Slay the Spire (opens in new tab) | $8.49 / £6.62 (66% off)
Beating its lowest-ever price by $1.50 USD, Slay the Spire remains our favorite deckbuilder, as perfect an execution of the genre as we've seen.

Dusk (opens in new tab) | $8.99 / £8.24 (55% off)
This gritty, grungy throwback FPS takes its inspiration from Quake and Half-Life, presenting something with a little more heft and weight than contemporaries like Ultrakill or Amid Evil, but still that sense of pulse-pounding speed we've come to expect from great boomer shooters.

Amid Evil (opens in new tab) | $8.99 / £8.24 (55% off)
Amid Evil has a presentation like the cover of a prog metal album, all bright colors, axes, and sinister, orb-wielding wizards. One of the best FPS games of 2019, you could do a lot worse for less than ten bucks.

Deep Rock Galactic (opens in new tab) | $9.89 / £8.24 (67% off)
This is the lowest-ever price for a lighthearted but, yes, deep co-op shooter with terrific procedural tech underpinning it. 

Devil May Cry 5 (opens in new tab) | $9.89 / £7.91 (67% off)
Dante's triumphant return as the crown prince of action games. You're paying like, 0.05 cents per combo, here.

Steam Summer Sale: $5 and under

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (opens in new tab) | $4.79 / £3.83 (84% off)
This is a steep discount on what's still a great fantasy RPG that made its jump to PC back in 2016. Grapple big bosses with your NPC helpers at its steepest Steam discount to date.

Death Road to Canada (opens in new tab) | $3.74 / £2.74 (75% off)
This doomed roadtrip sim with horde-fighting action combat goes on sale pretty regularly, but it's a solid cult favorite that you can't go wrong picking up for under $5.

Titanfall 2 (opens in new tab) | $4.79 / £3.99 (84% off)
Shooters really haven't done much better than Titanfall 2 in the last decade, and who doesn't want a mech for a best friend?

Yakuza 0 (opens in new tab) | $4.99 / £3.74 (75% off)
Every day is a good day to start the best first Yakuza game you'll play and every time it goes on sale for $5 makes that more true. Throw your cash at this like it's the 80's, baby, and then start punching punks in the face to refill your pockets in the best crime dramedy there is.

Post Void (opens in new tab) | $2.00 / £1.56 (33% off)
The FPS version of screaming while your brains leak out of your skull, except you're holding your skull in your hand the entire time. Speedrun complete psychic collapse.

Deus Ex (opens in new tab) | $0.97 / £0.69 (86% off)
A game that almost needs no introduction, a peerless combination of RPG and immersive sim in a setting unique to the turn of the millennium, mixing William Gibson and the X-Files. If you've somehow missed out on this gem of PC gaming, grab it now for half the price of your morning coffee.

Steam Summer Sale: 9 years of Game of the Year winners

You can get nine years worth of the best in PC gaming (according to us) for a bit more than $100. Read about why these games are so special in our Game of the Year awards archive

2021 - Valheim | $13.99 / £10.84 (30% off)

2020 - Death Stranding: Director's Cut | $27.99 / £24.49 (30% off)

2019 - Disco Elysium | $13.99 / £12.24 (65% off)

2018 - Into the Breach | $10.04 / £7.63 (33% off)

2017 - Divinity: Original Sin 2 | $17.99 / £11.99 (60% off)

2016 - Dishonored 2 | $5.99 / £4.99 (80% off)

2015 - Metal Gear Solid 5 | $4.99 / £6.24 (75% off)

2014 - Alien Isolation | $9.99 / £8.74 (75% off)

2013 - Spelunky | $1.49 / £1.09 (90% off)

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