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Steam sale includes steep discounts on SteamWorld Dig 2 and SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld encompasses a series of great games from developer Image & Form, the most recent being the charmingly destructible SteamWorld Dig 2. Naturally the series includes the original SteamWorld Dig (which is also quite good), but there's also SteamWorld Heist, an unabashedly XCOM-esque strategy game about steam-powered robots. 

All of these games are currently quite cheap on Steam as part of the SteamWorld Complete Bundle, which runs through Tuesday, November 28. 

The $23 bundle represents a 55 percent discounts and includes both SteamWorld Dig games, SteamWorld Heist and both of its DLCs. Here's an individual breakdown for those of you who are only interested in certain games:

It's not part of the sale, but the soundtrack to SteamWorld Dig 2 is also available for $10.