Steam Autumn Sale starts on Wednesday, according to PayPal

Steam Sale Paypal

Keeping up with the various Steam sales and GOG sales and Humble Bundles and Bundlestars and Groupees and so on is becoming a full-time hobby, if not a particularly expensive one. New PC games haven't been this cheap since the days of buying Amstrad tapes from Hendersons for £1.50, and yes, yes I am incredibly old. Continuing this trend, there is going to be a Steam Autumn Sale, and it is probably going to start on November 26th. Based on previous years, this likely could have been surmised even without PayPal's help, but the online payment method has helpfully leaked the sale's start and end dates, to give us time to shore up the necessary cash.

According to PayPal (and to VG247, who noticed it), the Steam Autumn/Fall Sale will begin on November 26th (that's a Wednesday), and end on December 1st (AKA 'Cyber Monday'). Those dates encompass the dread day known as Black Friday, when shoppers everywhere stampede and push and stab each other in stores in order to buy luxury goods at slightly more affordable prices. PayPal's part in all this is flogging Steam Wallet cash, and while Valve hasn't announced the Fall Sale dates to the wider world yet, it does seem highly likely that they'd share this sensitive information with companies acting as secondary payment methods.

Tom Sykes

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