State of Decay Breakdown released, main game 50% off for the next day or so

Zombie-based zombie-'em-up (featuring zombies) State of Decay has released its first expansion, Breakdown, which unshackles the survival aspects from the story, letting you endlessly plunder the game's world as you see fit. Bleed one instance dry and you'll find yourself in the next, and then the next, with the difficulty upped to make it harder each time. As it was only released yesterday, Breakdown is not taking part in the Steam Autumn Sale, although its main game is - State of Decay is currently half-price for the next day or so .

If you've already played the base game, you'll be pleased to hear that Breakdown also turns "Shark Hoodie Guy into a playable Hero" (no idea), and provides a level "just for" people who thought that cars made the original mode a bit too easy. Read the lowdown here on the State of Decay site, including the exciting news that Undead Labs have "already started on DLC2". While you wait for that, why not check out this player-made George Romero mod ?

Tom Sykes

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