Start saving up now for the 800-page Elden Ring art books

Elden Ring magic
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As has been standard practice for FromSoft's games since Dark Souls, Elden Ring's concept art is to be collected in a lavish book. But this time the game's so large, the art book is coming in two 400-page volumes. Both will be released on November 30 in Japan, with worldwide releases inevitable but yet to be confirmed. Volume 1 focuses on concept art of locations, NPCs and armour, while volume 2 contains art of enemies, weapons and items.

The two books are available separately, or you can sell a kidney and get the so-called Ultra Edition: this comes with a box to hold both books, and a framed piece of art showing Godfrey. The books are A4 sized, and are retailing for 4,400 yen apiece ($31 / £27) with the Ultra Edition setting a Tarnished back 17,600 yen ($125 / £108).

I've bought all of From's art books in the past, with the original Dark Souls Design Works and Bloodborne's equivalent both being spectacularly great books. The blurb for these doesn't mention whether they will include interviews with the design team and Miyazaki—traditionally they have, and the interviews are uniformly excellent. Miyazaki's infamous quote to an artist about their undead dragon concept originates from the Dark Souls book: "Can't you instead try to convey the deep sorrow of a magnificent beast doomed to a slow and possibly endless descent into ruin?"

As I get older, I feel very seen by that quote. In all seriousness, the only beef I've had with the official art books is that the print quality of the western edition is often inferior to the Japanese originals. I felt this especially in Bloodborne's case. But also, I'm a book snob, and the books as they exist are fine and still felt like good value.

I've asked Bandai Namco about whether a global release is planned, and will update with any response. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these official images from the book, and enjoy seeing the word 'sample' a lot:

(Image credit: FromSoftware)

(Image credit: FromSoftware)
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