Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm prepares for launch with 21 hour livestream

In the run up to Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm's release later today, Blizzard are hosting a 21-hour global livestream of launch events, community features and the final of the Day[9] hosted King of the Beta tournament. Those wanting to watch the full event will need to stock up on a body destroying amount of caffeine - the Irvine launch event, including the tournament final, doesn't kick off until 4am GMT.

For anyone not looking to irrevocably damage their kidneys through excessive energy drink consumption, the stream is currently switching between previously released videos of HotS feature round-ups, and pro-players facing off in friendlies. Right now, the action is centred on Seoul, with Day[9] and Team Liquid taking over for the first community block at 1 pm GMT.

The full schedule is up on Blizzard's event page . There you can pick between different regional events, but if you just want to dip into the main global stream, it's embedded below.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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