StarCraft 2 WCS premium subscriptions available as Season 2 Finals approach

As the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series works its way towards the Season 2 finals, a new subscription option has become available for the most enthusiastic supporters among us. What's being called the " premium subscription " gets you the top viewing resolutions through Twitch as well as a group of unique emoticons to supplement your fierce commentary in chat, according to a press release.

A WCS America Season 2 premium ticket costs $5.99 and opens up 1080p+ and 720p+ viewing options on the WCS America channel . This subscription runs through the end of Season 2 on September 5. The WCS Europe Season 2 premium ticket is also $5.99 and covers the same perks for the Premiere League Round of 16 and the League Finals taking place this week on the WCS Europe channel . The same free, lower-resolution viewing options will also remain available for WCS coverage.

The WCS Season 2 Finals take place from August 23-25 and you can also get similar premium access for that event at a cost of $5.99. The finals feature a handful of top players from each regional Premiere League at the upcoming GamesCon meeting in Cologne, Germany.

If you plan on putting some serious time into WCS in the coming weeks, maybe this is the package for you. After spending a few weekends this year getting to know the SC2 esports scene , my eyeballs might have appreciated the better resolutions, even if it cost me a few bucks. I'm usually hunched over my computer with a beverage or two, but it could also be the perfect chance to put together a viewing party, share the cost, and make an event out of it.