Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS opt-in option added to launcher

Star Wars The Old Republic - can't punch me from up there can you

A Star Wars: The Old Republic Public Test Server opt-in option has been spotted by players loading updated versions of the client. Public test servers are great because they give everyone a way to check out future updates and keep track of the balance changes the developers are about to make. Josh points out that the launcher opts you out of the "test server" by default, so you'll have to change that if you want to be in with a chance of a spot on the PTS after launch. The new option has been added as a drop down box in the settings menu, as shown in the screenshots below from Torhead .

For some, The Old Republic early access will start on December 13 , which means there's still time to say goodbye to our families before the servers go live and we finally get to be Jedi.

Tom Senior

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