SWTOR early access starting December 13, pre-loading available now

Old Republic preview thumb

December 20 isn't exactly a long time from now - let alone in a galaxy far, far away - but if you can't stand to wait another second... well, too bad. But if the dam on your patience can hold out for the precise number of seconds until December 13, you may just be in luck. If you've got your pre-orders in order, you'll gain early access to Star Wars: The Old Republic starting Tuesday of next week. BioWare will be letting groups of players in steadily between the 13th and 20th. Gee, that's soon. Well, I should probably go get my affairs in order. Once I break out my holy water and distract Origin long enough to get the pre-loading process started, you'll probably never hear from me again. When my family asks what happened, glare very grimly and say, "War happened. Star war. Or wars. Plural. But yeah, he's as good as dead."

You can pre-download the client right now .