Star Wars: The Old Republic players hunt for rumoured white lightsaber crystal

Star Wars The Old Republic white saber

The magenta crystal was one of the most coveted items in Star Wars: The Old Republic, until now. One top level player has been spotted running around the TOR's planets with a "whitesaber," sparking a galaxy wide hunt for the white crystal.

The saber's owner, Catch, posted his discovery on The Old Republic forums with pictures and item stats, and then livestreamed himself running around with the crystal to prove that it exists. So far, he's kept the methods he used to obtain the crystal a closely guarded secret. The community has been poring over the few clues he's given and, in some cases, been following him around to see if he'll let slip any new info. There are several theories, some madder than others.

The white crystals were available in beta as rare drops from one of Aladeraan's world bosses. Players started by killing him repeatedly to discover if that was still the case, but with no luck. It appears that, unlike the Magenta crystal, the white crystal isn't available as a schematic . These would let Artificers craft them with the right materials. It looks like a world puzzle instead.

A thread on Reddit has collated other clues which indicated that dead Tauntauns on Hoth could be part of the process. Others think that it might have something to do with the Well Fed Womp Rat on Tattoine. Eye-witness reports claim to have seen Catch and his group killing the Womp Rat to draw out vendors, which they then killed to stack special buffs onto the rat.

Those desperate to unravel the mystery of the white crystal will be wishing they could leverage real force powers to find it. Tiny environmental details on Hoth, Tattoine and high level planet, Ilum are being pored over to see if anything's been missed so far. Some players even tried to use a cat to aggro a lost Tauntaun on Hoth. Others have been trying to lure The Tauntaun to the nearby Legendary Wampa in case the Wampa might eat him and reveal a clue. Others think it could have something to do with the mysterious "Queen of Sands".

The white crystal does seem to exist, but all the clues so far could easily be massive red herrings. With so many TOR players on the hunt, the secret of the white crystal probably won't be a secret for long.

Tom Senior

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