Star Wars: The Old Republic hints at its other next content update

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR has been racing all over the place, trying to wedge in event weeks and hapless ewoks wherever it can. August 6 is the targeted release date for patch 2.3, which sees in a new story arc—but BioWare is already looking beyond, today revealing that update 2.4 is already on the way for an estimated beginning-of-October debut, and that it's "shaping up to be very big" indeed.

Senior producer Bruce Maclean listed the 2.4's intended features, which encompass two new operations, a new 4v4 warzone arena, new gear for PVP and PVE players, and the new Planet Oricon, with its accompanying story arc bringing players face-to-face with the Dread Masters. Even with the details not elaborated upon, it's sounding kind of huge already.

Meanwhile, August 6 is still looking doable for the ewok companion-introducing patch 2.3, and the recurring monthly event Bounty Contracts Week looks to begin its first run on August 13.