Star Wars: The Old Republic adds Ewok companion as part of update 2.3

Hate them or hate them, Ewoks will forever remain part of the Star Wars mythology, in all parallel universes except for the Revenge of the Jedi one from BioShock Infinite. Probably. As part of update 2.3, the cuddly murderous rebels - or one in particular - are now being added to Star Wars: The Old Republic as the MMO's newest companion character. Say hello to Treek, a heavy armor user with both heal and tank stances, not to mention and an adorable wittle furry face.

The update, now on the public test servers, adds Treek to the game's Cartel Bazaar. To get her to join you, you'll have to purchase a pricey mercenary contract for a million credits (price subject to change when the update eventually hits the live servers). You'll also need to be legacy level 40, and be able to put up with that annoying Ewok noise. You know the one. has the full deets on Treek, including a couple of spoilery cutscenes.

Now all we need is Jar Jar Binks and - on second thought, BioWare, please don't ever do that. (Thanks to Massively .)

Tom Sykes

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