Star Wars: The Old Republic puts criminals on notice with Bounty Contract Week

BioWare are replanting The Old Republic's underworld in an attempt to make it a whole lot seedier. From mid-August the game is to be filled with crime syndicates and violent gangs for the reoccurring event: Bounty Contracts Week . Each month, the event will provide players with a list of the illegal - tasking them to scour the MMO's planets in order to scrub clean their dirty underbellies.

"Each contract outlines the parameters of a bounty that has been posted on one of many planets across the galaxy," explain BioWare , "including contact information for the client who posted the bounty and a list of underworld contacts in the sector who may be persuaded to assist you in the hunt." In addition to the reward from the death or capture of a target, players will also be rated on "your investigative technique and your aptitude for handling [Bounty Brokers Association] underworld resources."

Players can sign up for two contracts per day: one standard, and one "Kingpin". These are high-profile targets available to those with a good track-record of contract completion. Contracts will be available to player levels 15 and above, although a minimum level requirement will sometimes be in effect. A contract's difficulty and reward will also scale to a player's level.

I stopped playing SW:TOR a long time ago, but quite like the sound of this - enough that I'll probably load it up for the first time since that troubled free-to-play switch. Anyone else planning to take a look?

Phil Savage

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