Star Wars: The Old Republic beta key giveaway

Star Wars The Old Republic

We've got 12,000 Star Wars: The Old Republic beta keys to give away. Yes, you read that right, twelve thousand keys to the beta of Bioware's huge upcoming MMO. These will get you into the big stress test weekend that Bioware are holding. Sadly they haven't confirmed when that weekend will be, but we'll bring you that news as soon as we can.

Update - If you've already received an email telling you you'll be invited to a test weekend 'very soon' you won't need one of these keys, you'll get your invitation in good time.

To enter, simply go to competition page and fill in your details, you'll receive a code as soon as the giveaway ends. Pop that code into the Old Republic website before before Friday November 18 (when it expires) and wait. You'll get an an invitation for the beta weekend as soon as it kicks off.

If you get into the beta, why not join the PC Gamer guild ? Which class will you be? So far I'm liking the Imperial Agent and the Smuggler .