Star Wars: The Old Republic guilds enter deployment phase

Star Wars The Old Republic - can't punch me from up there can you

Star Wars: The Old Republic will go live in December, which means it's time for the Old Republic's guilds to enter their final phase, deployment. A post on The Old Republic site explains that TOR guilds can now deploy to become fully fledged in-game guilds, but "four members of the guild must have pre-ordered the game and redeemed their Pre-Order Code at the Code Redemption Center " in order for that to work.

"To help clear up any confusion as to whether or not your guild is ready for deployment, we have now given each guild page a small status indicator," say Bioware. "This indicator will show you the number of people in your guild who have pre-ordered the game, and will inform you whether or not your guild meets the criteria for deployment into the game."

The PC Gamer guilds are deploying now, making it a good time to sign up if you haven't already. The PC Gamer UK Sith guild, the Mint Imperials is nearly full, but there's always the light side alternative, the Revel Alliance . If you're based in the US, join up with the Coconut Monkeys . The Old Republic will go live on December 20. So much for Christmas, eh?

Tom Senior

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