Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues its long road to redemption with a patch that brings DLSS support and good old 'Various bug fixes'

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Update: EA has confirmed to PC Gamer that the DLSS implementation in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch 7 is DLSS 3.

Original story: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released in a rough state, but Respawn has been slowly chipping away at it over the course of a number of patches. The latest—patch 7—arrived today, and alongside all the tweaky, patch note-y things you'd generally expect, there's one big addition: support for Nvidia DLSS.

If you've not been following Nvidia's whizzbang graphics developments, DLSS is the name it's given to the tech that—depending on its version—can do things like provide your game with anti-aliasing that's super-light on your GPU or even punch up your framerate using some kind of dark AI wizardry (again, in a way that your GPU barely notices).

Here's the rub: I don't own Jedi Survivor and my comrades at PCG have long-since uninstalled it to make way for BG3 and Starfield, so I'm not entirely sure which version of DLSS Respawn has patched in, because the patch notes aren't clear. This post from DSOGaming suggests that it's the full-fat, frame-generating DLSS 3, which would be great news. 

The frame generation tech that DLSS 3 provides could go a long way to smoothing over any lingering performance bugs Jedi Survivor still has (although you need an Nvidia 40-series GPU to take advantage of the frame generation part of DLSS 3). If not, well, the low-cost anti-aliasing of plain Jane DLSS 2 is also a very welcome addition.

Apart from that, the patch notes are pretty sparse on detail. Nevertheless, I'll paste them in full below. Brace yourself for "Various fixes": the most useless patch note ever devised by humankind.

  • Performance & optimization improvements for PC, including DLSS support.
  • Save system tweaks to help prevent save game corruption.
  • Fixed issues where players could not retrieve their XP after dying under certain circumstances.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Various bug fixes & improvements across all platforms, including fixes for cloth, lighting, and UI.
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