Star Wars: Battlefront 2 creative director is leaving DICE after 8 years

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rey fighting
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Dennis Bränvall, Star Wars: Battlefront II's creative director since 2019, is leaving developer DICE after 8 years. Bränvall's work with DICE began on Battlefield 4, before he moved on to the Star Wars: Battlefront team as senior level designer on the first game. On Battlefront II, Bränvall first served as associate creative director, before becoming creative director last year.

"I still remember when we first got the Star Wars contract and the entire studio meeting was filled with goose bumps and tears of joy," he wrote on Twitter. "Eight years later the journey is over and I'm moving on from DICE at the end of this month. Thank you all. May the Force be with you, always." 

Back in April of this year, Battlefront II received its last update, called The Battle on Scarif, and prominent members of the community came together to celebrate the game with a tribute video. In the years since launch in November 2017, when Battlefront II was resoundingly panned for its microtransaction-heavy business model, thanks to regular updates and a team listening intently to community feedback, the shooter got past its difficult beginnings and gained a passionate player base. Now DICE is turning its sights to the next Battlefield, slated for 2021