Star Wars Battlefront DLC Rogue One: Scarif patch notes reveal new "Infiltration" mode

Today is the day that Star Wars Battlefront season pass holders can finally get their hands on the new Rogue One: Scarif DLC. Everyone else will have to content themselves with reading the patch notes, which finally breaks down the new multi-stage mode, called "Infiltration," and also details the abilities of the two new heroes.

"[Infiltration is] a three-phased mode in which Rebels must first breach the shield surrounding Scarif by escorting a U-wing to the Shield Gate," the patch notes state. "Once they’ve landed, their objective is to create a diversion by blowing up an Imperial cargo ship. Immediately afterwards, the Rebels must complete their mission by stealing Imperial secrets and escaping." 

The DLC will also include four new maps set on and above the planet Scarif, the customizable A180 and ammo-based DT-29 blaster pistols, a new Star Card for the Sonic Imploder grenade that blinds as well as damages enemies, the new U-Wing vehicle (available only in space in the Infiltration game mode), and of course the two heroes, good guy Jyn Erso and bad guy Director Orson Krennic. This is how they roll. 

Jyn Erso:

  • Rifle Extension – Transforms the blaster pistol in to a blaster rifle. You can switch mode between pistol and rifle modes at any time without a cooldown.
  • Sonic Imploder – The grenade deals high damage, blinds enemies and reduce armor for targets.
  • Truncheon Surge – Jyn performs a short forward melee strike using her baton. The ability starts with 3 charges, but can hold up to 9.
  • Passive: For each kill with her blasters or grenade, Jyn will gain charges for Truncheon Surge. The amount she gains is equal to the level of her trait.

Director Krennic:

  • Armor Breaker – Krennic will fire a powerful blaster bolt that deals high damage and does armor reduction.
  • C2-B5 – A unique version of an astromech droid is deployed. It is AI controlled and has the following abilities: Scan Ping, Squad Shield, Dioxis Defense.
  • Wrath of the Empire – Boosts team members in a small radius around Krennic. On top of a temporary armor increase, it has the following effects: For regular soldiers it will increase the total health to 200, but it will automatically deplete until the players health reaches 50 Health regeneration will not activate until the player drops to 50 health; For heroes and Krennic they will receive a 10% temporary health boost.
  • Passive ability: An armor boost effect is applied to all nearby players, including Krennic. The armor boost effect is dependent on the number of nearby players. Heroes count for two players. Level 1: 1 Player; Level 2: 4 Players; Level 3: 8 Players.
  • Death Troopers: 2 players are able to spawn in as a Death Trooper whenever Krennic is on the battlefield. They are equipped with the following gear: Weapon - DLT-19; Ability 1: Thermal Imploder; Ability 2: Cooling cell; Ability 3: Smart Rocket.

The update also makes a number of smaller additions, tweaks, and fixes, which you can dig into in detail at

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