Star Wars Battlefront beta will be open to everyone

Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts has let slip a little more information about the upcoming Star War Battlefront beta test. There's still no date, but there is good news: While the nature of the beta wasn't made clear when it was announced last month, Community Manager Mathew Everett confirmed in the latest Battlefront blog update that it will not be restricted to invitees—applicants, humans, members of the Secret Order of the Emperor, or whatever—but will instead be open to everyone.

Everett said that the beta will feature both offline and online modes, including split-screen co-op play, with the Walker Assault mode on Hoth and the new Drop Zone mode, as at least one of you hoped, on Sullust. There will also be a Survival Mission mode set on Tattoine that can be played solo, or with a local or online partner.

Everett answered a handful of "community questions" in the update as well. The Fighter Squadron mode will make use of bots (ten per side) in addition to humans, players will be equipped with a primary sidearm as well as a hand of customizable Star Cards, and the boxed version of the Deluxe Edition, which has the Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, DL-44, and Shock and Victory emotes all unlocked right from the start, will not be available for the PC. This will only be of concern to box collectors, though, since the Deluxe Edition on PC will be available digitally through Origin.

Star Wars Battlefront will be out on November 17.

Andy Chalk

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