Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Clone Wars update will be spread out over the rest of 2018

At E3, Electronic Arts announced that the Clone Wars were coming to Star Wars: Battlefront 2, with new game modes, characters and gameplay changes arriving "in the coming months". Yesterday, it released a development roadmap showing that the update would be spread over the rest of the year, with some Clone War content not arriving until the winter.

Both Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku will come to the game in the winter, as will the new location Geonosis, where the Clone Wars began.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and the many-armed General Grievous will arrive in the autumn alongside an updated squad system and a "new large-scale mode", which is presumably the sandbox-style mode announced at E3 that puts the focus on capturing command posts and attacking and destroying capital ships.

Some Clone Wars content will be added in both July and August, as you can see from the full roadmap below. A new four-on-four PvP ship combat mode is up first, and will arrive next month alongside a number of gameplay changes, such as being able to turn your lightsaber on and off at will. Clone trooper appearances, new emotes and victory poses are due in August.

EA stressed that "more content and features [will] be confirmed in future roadmap updates". 

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.